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Launch: Tennysons Wake

Tennyson’s Wake was the launch of an exciting new art project with an accompanying workshop, held on the 125th anniversary of the Lord Alfred Tennyson’s death on 6th October 1892. Artists Danica Maier, Andrew Bracey and Sarah Bennet will launch their project Bummock: New Artistic Responses to Unseen Parts of the Tennyson Research Centre which includes a three-year residency in the Tennyson Research Centre in Lincoln.

The event was a great success with audiences getting involved with re-creating and collaging Tennysons' poems projected into the interesting architectural space. Maureen Sutton did an impromptu reading of Tennysons' poem written in the Lincolnshire dialect. Other audenice memebers shared their stories of Tennyson.

Friday 6 October, 7- 9pm

The Methodist Chapel, High St, Waddington, LN5 9RF

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