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Bummock: New Artistic Responses to

Unseen Parts of the Archive


Led by Andrew Bracey and Danica Maier

The Bummock is the large part of an iceberg hidden beneath the surface of the sea. Our project seeks to investigate, research and use unseen parts of archives as catalysts for the creation of new artworks.  Through artists’ residencies (involving Maier, Bracey and different invited artists for each archive) within varying archives we will investigate items and documents not regularly brought up for research and public exposure. The artwork created will lead to Exhibition-Laboratories in neighbouring galleries or museums, also including the archival material, documented symposiums and commissioned texts. 


Bummock: New Artistic Responses to Unseen Parts of Archives

The project is examining issues around how artists approach the access to archives differently to standard practice. The aim is to create artistic responses in unexpected ways, to generate new readings, knowledge and artworks. To gain exposure for unseen and/or unvalued parts of archives. How much of stored items and documents are collected but remain unseen or uncatalogued? It is often only the important elements of archives and collections that are made public. We seek to give a platform for these stored and undervalued (or yet appreciated?) parts. We also seek to generate new methods of access to archives for researchers. To develop new ways researchers access archives, we seek to explore and establish new or alternative methods of access to archives and collections. As well as exploring the ethical relationship between artists and archives.

The project will conclude with ‘flipping the Bummock’ allowing these hidden aspects to become a visible ‘tip’ (of the iceberg). This will be manifested through a touring exhibition of the artwork from each archive, an evaluative publication, a conference and short documentary. In the future we see the project’s research and the methodologies established will be of use for future archives and artists working collaboratively on different types of projects. 


Andrew Bracey, Project lead, University of Lincoln

Danica Maier, Project lead, Nottingham Trent University

Dr. Sian Vaughan, Art Historian and Archive specialist, Birmingham City University

Lucy Renton, Artist, Kingston University and University of East London

Dr. Sarah Bennett, Artist, Kingston University

The Lace Archive, Nottingham Trent University 

Tennyson Research Centre, Lincoln

George Boole Collection as part of the UCC archives, University College Cork

Stanley Kubrick Archive, University of the Arts, London

Nottingham Trent University

University of Lincoln

The Collection and Usher Gallery


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Nottingham Trent University

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